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St. Louis Magazine:  "You have politics playing out from the buffalo jumps of Montana to the cloakrooms of the U.S. Senate."

C-SPAN: Julian Castro's bid for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination.

Late Last Night Books: "A tribal elder told me a famous artist had plundered a grave and taken the skull of a chief. He's crazy, I thought." But it was true. And that would lead to a novel. Interviewed by Sonia Linebaugh 

NPR: Living on Earth. Audio & transcript.

Kirkus (Starred review.) Dinner at the New Gene Cafe -- "Stunningly comprehensive, intensely absorbing."

   C-SPAN (1995) Government shutdown? 

(On release of Dinner at the New Gene Cafe)"Science is marching us toward a new gene smorgasbord, with many foods seasoned with DNA that has never before existed in the supply of human food."

People ask: "Why are you choking that dog?"
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